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Although every bulletin attempts to both announce and review a given number of publications, these two objectives are chronologically contradictory: for if it matters to announce a work as quickly as possible, it is necessary to stand back to review it. Furthermore, since the bulletin is actually able to provide a regular and comprehensive overview of the current state of research, it serves as a buffer against the growing dispersal of publications. With regard to amphoras, the multiplication of publications is such, however, that the scope of the overview provided is in constant need of being reduced, certain sectors being abandoned in favour of others. Since the pertinence of the publications is increasingly variable, the amount of critical analysis has also had to be reduced concomitantly.

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In order to remedy these problems, the site Amphoreus proposes to announce as quickly as possible all the publications which are relevant to the Bulletin amphorologique and to eventually forgo reviewing everything that would have thus been announced. The bulletin also places various resources at the disposition of all those who consult it : an index of the 1825 entries of the bulletin, the norms for the publication of amphora stamps, conventions for transcriptions, a system of bibliographical abbreviations.

The entire site is accessible in the five languages that are the most currently used by archaeologists working in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea : French, Greek, Turkish, Russian and English.

The site’s contents have been compiled and edited by Nathan Badoud, who has co-written the presentation of the bulletin with Yvon Garlan. The translations have been made by Antigone Marangou-Lerat (Greek), Melek Tugru, Tuna Turgay, Ali Ozcan (Turkish), Natacha Guenther, Anna Kondratieva (Russian) and Philip Ditchfield (English). The website logo has been designed by Ivan Ebel.
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